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"I am very pleased to announce that
 Mick Ognenovski Sensei
 has joined the Dentokan and will be our Country Director for Australia.
Those of you who attended Dentokan25 in Kyoto and Okinawa will have met and trained with Mick, and enjoyed his company on and off the mat. Mick and his students will initially start by studying Dentokan Iaijutsu, and will work with us to develop that art in Australia.
Mick has studied Shotokan karate, Goju ryu karate , Judo, Jujitsu and Boxing and has a busy and energetic student base in both traditional and competitive arenas - he was coach of the year in 2018. Mick works mainly in his own dojo, the Satori Budo Kan Australia, holding a 4th dan rank in Karate, and is a Nippon Iaido Dan grade, converting over to Dentokan Iaijutsu
Welcome Mick, to you and your students, great to have you all on board down in Australia!"